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Digital Wave Records

If you are interested in being a part of our label,
we would like to hear what you have.
With an overwhelming amount of demos we receive daily,
please follow the instructions carefully to make sure your demo is heard. 
1) Send your music to our email:
2) Subject line in the email should say "Demo Submission"
3) Please include a link to the file(s) using services such as Dropbox, Wetransfe, Sendspace, etc. 
4) Please include 3 to 4 of your best tracks 
5) Make sure the file is at a minimum of 192kbps sound quality.
We prefer higher but 192kbps is the absolute minimum. 
6) Please include your soundcloud page in the email and a brief bio about yourself.
Please do not send repeated e-mails.
If we are interested in your work, we will contact you.
If we do decide we would like to sign your track,
we will request a WAV file from you after discussing the terms.
We appreciate everything that is sent, but please do not repeatedly contact us.
We will contact you if we are interested in working with you.

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we trying hard to make your fresh mind with our new releases